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SERISIMPLE Introduces Antimicrobial Socks for Sensitive Skin

by BENNY YU on Jan 16, 2023

SERISIMPLE Introduces Antimicrobial Socks for Sensitive Skin

hose with allergies or sensitive skin understand how important the right type of clothing is.

USA, November 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- SERISIMPLE is an eco-friendly company based in Delaware. To help people with sensitive skin from breaking out in a rash, the brand is launching antimicrobial socks that are made from bamboo fiber. The company specializes in making socks for men, women, and kids, as well as manufacturing eco-friendly women’s underwear.

The ideal socks for sensitive skin

Those with allergies or sensitive skin understand how important the right type of clothing is. It can be difficult to find socks that are skin-friendly and don’t cause a rash. That’s why bamboo socks offer the perfect solution: they’re hypoallergenic, thus gentle on the skin, and don’t trigger any allergic reactions.

In addition, bamboo fiber is highly breathable. As a result, feet remain dry and cool, no matter the weather or activity. Lastly, they’re absorbent and anti-odor, thus preventing odor build-up in shoes as well as those dreaded “stinky feet.”

Benefits of Antimicrobial Bamboo Socks

Wearing socks with antimicrobial properties comes with a range of benefits, including:
Bamboo socks stay clean and fresh longer. That’s because bamboo fabric has a defense barrier that prevents bacteria from reproducing and spreading, which is what causes socks and feet to smell. Once bacteria start forming, socks start to smell. However, bamboo socks don’t develop any strange odors, even when used in the gym or in hot weather.

Less Laundry
Maintaining fresh and clean socks naturally means bamboo socks can be worn longer. As a result, less laundry has to be washed, which may lead to saving water and time. On top of that, once bamboo socks are washed, their antimicrobial properties ensure that they feel cleaner than regular socks.


Bamboo socks last longer because their fiber prevents the growth of bacteria. Typically, bacteria cause any fabric to deteriorate faster. Also, people who wear regular socks wash them more often, as they quickly start to smell. Overwashing socks shortens their lifespan as they suffer from more wear and tear.


SERISIMPLE was founded by a husband and wife team in Newark, Delaware. Unable to find well-made, lightweight, and anti-odor socks that would protect the feet without causing unsettling smells on hot summer days, the couple started to research different materials.

Eventually, they stumbled upon lightweight, environmentally friendly, and anti-odor bamboo fiber that could be used to make socks. As a result, SERISIMPLE was born. A percentage of all the company’s sales go to different cat shelters and their life-saving programs, as the founders are cat owners and lovers themselves. In addition, the couple donates socks to nursing homes in South Carolina.

To learn more about SERISIMPLE, please visit the company’s website at https://serisimple.com.

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