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Socks as soft as cats

by Benny Yu on Aug 25, 2022

Socks as soft as cats

Stroking a soft cat will give us a comfortable and stress-free feeling, just as wearing soft and comfortable socks will add a relaxing mood to our day's work.

We carefully choose high-quality bamboo fiber fabric to make socks, aiming to create a simple and comfortable healthy life. The original bamboo fiber contains sodium copper chlorophyll, which has certain deodorization and adsorption function and can eliminate bad odor. And the natural antibacterial function of bamboo fiber products, thus the products made do not need to add any synthetic antibacterial agent, which will not cause skin allergy phenomenon.

Bamboo is able to grow and renew quickly, and can replace resources such as cotton and wood, and can be used sustainably. The products made of bamboo fiber can be naturally degraded in the soil and decomposed without any pollution to the environment, which is a natural, green and environmentally friendly textile material.