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Serisimple Women's Dress socks are made with only the finest yarns and are carefully reinforced at the heel and toe for longer, more comfortable wear.
80% bamboo fiabr absorb moisture Providing lasting comfort, keep feet dry even in extremely hot temperatures, during sweaty workouts, construction work and/or while doing intense all day jobs. Bamboo socks are amazing and will keep your feet comfortable and dry all day.
Perfect elasticity in welt and foot arch ensures these dress socks hold up in shape and fit snugly, durable and comfortable.
The bamboo fibers in our bamboo socks are naturally anti bacterial and antimicrobial to keep your feet odor free even after wearing them all day.
Machine washable and dryable for easy care. The fabric is durable and sustains its softness even through multiple washes.Please according your shoe size to choose your right socks size.
SERISIMPLE are specially flattened for a smooth fit in shoes. Heels are well rounded for gentle support and a comfortable fit. Each pair of SERISIMPLE socks is made with pride by skilled craftsmen and then carefully inspected to offer the customer the finest possible quality.